Who Are We?

Well the question is who are you? What do you like? We are the ones who are doing our best to cater to the world of being free in fashion. We have many one of a kind, but we also have our own line of throwback shirts called Purmari Throwbacks. This will bring you all the throwback movie scenes, music photos as well as album covers, & some of your sports favorites. This is how everything came about. I always looked for clothes or throwback graphic tees nobody else owned. Sometimes that can be a drag. That is when that light switch went off in my head. I decided to make my own shirts with things you will rarely see if not ever see. We all want to have something fuego. We all want be free in what we wear & not be judged. We are the future of letting you be who you are & feel free, clean, & stylish. The mirror is waiting for you, "We Are" the ones to bring that reflection.